Et voici le résultat de nombreuses optimisations réalisées sur ce site:

GradeAThe grade better reflects your overall webpage experience as it accounts for, both, your front-end structure, as well as, the actual performance experienced by the user
Performance99%The Performance Score tells you how well your page performs from a user perspective
Structure99%The Structure Score tells you how well your page is built for optimal performance
LCP574msLCP measures how long it takes for the largest “content element” on your page to become visible within your visitor’s viewport
TBT98msTBT measures the total amount of time your webpage was blocked, preventing the user from interacting with your page
CLS0CLS measures the unexpected shifting of web elements while the page is being rendered

Je n’ai pas réussi à obtenir 100% mais les résultats sont déjà excellent :nerd_face: